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With a profound passion for the art of acting and a commitment to nurturing emerging talents, Andreani Constanti stands as a prominent figure in the realm of acting education and the entertainment industry. Her multifaceted journey has led her to excel in various creative and educational roles, making her a revered name among both students and peers.

Her initial steps were taken under the guidance of acclaimed Producer, Writer and Director and Acting Teacher, Athena Xenidou. Through Xenidou's mentorship, Andreani delved into the world of acting, learning the fundamentals of the craft.

These early classes with Athena Xenidou provided Andreani with a

Andreani Constanti

solid foundation in acting techniques, sparking her passion for the art form. 

Andreani's journey continued at the esteemed American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she not only honed her craft but also embraced the opportunity to collaborate closely with renowned actor and teacher Scott Reiniger. As his teacher assistant for film and camera studies, she imbibed invaluable insights into the intricacies of acting techniques and film production, fostering a deep-rooted understanding of the industry's nuances.

Her pursuit of excellence led her to immerse herself in the study of two seminal acting techniques: the Meisner Technique and the Strasberg Technique. Undergoing rigorous training in these methodologies, Andreani developed a profound appreciation for their distinct approaches to character development, emotional authenticity, and stage presence. 

As a testament to her dedication to education, Andreani has played a pivotal role in helping provide a jumpstart to higher education for students who may not otherwise have access to college for university admission through the Bridge Program. Her mentorship has not only guided students towards academic success but has also imparted invaluable life skills, fostering holistic growth.

In addition to her role in education, Andreani Constanti's contributions behind the scenes in film and television are equally noteworthy. Her versatility shines through her work as a Production Assistant, Production Designer, Producer, Writer, and Director. This hands-on experience grants her a unique perspective, enabling her to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application for her students.

Completing her academic journey with a BA in Applied Arts and Media/Liberal Sciences from Antioch University LA, Andreani Constanti has positioned herself as a true connoisseur of her field. Her multifaceted background, spanning acting, teaching, and production, equips her with a comprehensive understanding of the industry's ever-evolving landscape.

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Dimitris Giorkatzis, a seasoned actor with a rich background in dramatic arts, honed his craft at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting. His theatrical journey is marked by compelling performances across various plays, including standout roles such as the Jester in "King Lear", 12 Angry Men", ( Yasha in "The Cherry Orchard" and Alexander in "The Destiny of Me".

In the realm of television, Dimitris has left an indelible mark with his appearances in popular series like "Η γη της ελιας", "Εσύ στον κόσμο σου,  and "7 ουρανοί και σύννεφα αλήτες". His talent extends to the cinematic world, where he has showcased his skills in short films such as "The Monster," "6:00 pm," and "Red."

Demetris Yiorkadjis

Beyond the stage and screen, Demetris Yiorkadjis is not only an accomplished actor but also a passionate educator. He shares his wealth of experience by teaching aspiring young actors at the Film and Stage Studios. His dedication to nurturing the next generation of performers is evident in his commitment to imparting knowledge and fostering creativity.

Efi is an accomplished filmmaker with 15 years of expertise in various roles within the entertainment industry, including Producer, Production Manager, Casting Director, and Editor. She is recognised as an award-winning documentary editor (2012) and has been nominated for prestigious awards such as the Royal Television Society Awards in the UK (2010). 


Efi holds an MA in Television Documentary Production from the University of Salford, and a BA in Mass Communication and Media Arts with major in film and TV directing, from the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh. She also studied Music Video Production.


Efi Modestou

Efi Photo TFSS.jpg

Since 2010 she is working professionally in the filmmaking business and throughout her career she has cultivated productive partnerships with leading production houses in Cyprus, Greece and Europe. Her roles, mainly as a Production Manager / Coordinator, have contributed to the success of various productions, some of which have been featured on international streaming platforms such as Hulu and BBC. Notable collaborations include Russian World Film Studios, Eccholine, and Green Olive Films Greece & Cyprus. 


From 2018 to 2021 Efi served as the Head of Production and Multimedia at a prominent Media House in Cyprus. During that period, she oversaw the creation of over 500 videos, spanning commercials, animation, food content, interviews, web series, and documentaries. Modestou played a pivotal role in every aspect of the creative process, from initial concept development to project delivery.  


In 2021, Efi collaborated with Eccholine Productions (Belgium) for the production of "Chef’s Unlimited." As the Regional Producer, Efi traveled extensively, managing 50 days of filming across 10 different islands/regions of Greece. She worked closely with the local team and crew to coordinate production sets and games, ensuring seamless operations before the cast arrived on location. 


Efi's dedication to the industry continued in 2023 when she served as the Production Manager - On site for the Industry Days at the Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival. is a renowned training and networking platform that facilitates connections between producers, directors, scriptwriters, and international film professionals. 


She currently holds the position of the treasurer at the Directors Guild of Cyprus further contributing to the advancement of the local film community. 


Efi's extensive background, diverse experience, extensive professional network, and technical expertise make her an ideal mentor for those seeking to master the fundamentals of film and video production.

Evagelos Callow.jpg

Evangelos Callow

Evangelos always had a fascination with art. He concluded on practical film studies as being the richest experience, proceeding to earn a BA in Film and TV production from Teeside University, and an MA in Filmmaking from Kingston University. He developed yet more skills, primarily photography, through personal study and working alongside experienced professionals.


He’s been dealing primarily with theater, including photography, music, video art, trailers and graphic design. He did all those for the latest play he worked for, ‘The Douche’ at Alkmini theater. He’s photographed plays like ‘Iliad’, directed by Karmen Rouggeri, and King Leopold's Soliloquy, directed by Anna Sotrini.



His latest film credit is as an actor, assistant camera operator and backstage photographer & videographer for the upcoming feature film “The Secret of the Forest” (Το Μυστικό του Δάσους). Evangelos believes artists communicate better when they know at least the fundamentals of each other’s craft, which is especially crucial in cinema. This is evident in his teaching of video editing. Since this profession deals with every single role and step in the filmmaking process, and every good and poor decision is revealed during editing, he explains at which stage of production an error took place, who’s likely responsible, and how it could’ve been avoided.


Though a firm believer in learning from anyone’s mistakes, especially for editing, he also likes to show how editing can be creative and transformative, illustrating alternative paths in a project’s editing whenever possible.

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