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Thanasis Drakopoulos

Thanasis is a beloved Greek actor, well known in both Greece and Cyprus where he resides.

The mutual respect and admiration between him and director Athena Xenidou, made him to follow her into The Film and Stage Studio team and its productions. He starred in a successful run of Art, the play by the French playwright Yasmina Reza, directed by Athena and performed at Theatro Ena and Satiriko.

Thanasis is known for tv shows Asteria stin Ammo and films such as Vourate Geitonoi, Boy on the Bridge, Pity, Beloved Days and others. In 2021, Thanasis wrote and starred in Insidious, Invisible, produced and directed by Sophia Tsangaridou and Athena Xenidou. The short film has received several mentions and official selections in film festivals around the globe.

Thanasis Drakopoulos
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